…about EQUINOX Experience

A playground for your inner child! A mystical one-of-a-kind sensory adventure complemented by soul-inspiring mood-enticing music, found only amongst the trees of the EQUINOX Enchanted Forest…

Escape from reality as our musical wizards take you on a magical carpet ride through the realms of underground electronic music! Handpicked & carefully curated, our lineups bring together the most talented producers and DJ’s, showcasing their talent on a majestic stage complemented by exceptionally skilled visual experts…

Something unique leaving you musically & magically fulfilled!

A dynamic array of like-minded souls, individually invited to come together for a unique, once-in-a-lifetime Experience!

Unified and bonded by the same primeval ritual…

our previous festivals


Far, far away lies an Enchanted Forest, bearing secret gifts and mystical talents. These treasured lands come with great risk…but with great reward! An annual gathering of unique personalities in an epic extravaganza of splendor & soul-satisfying fortune. Relive the first chapter of our Enchanted tale…

HIDE & SEEK – 2016

The best party is one one with your closest friends!… so thats what we created. An Invite-by-nature private forest festival, with the principle of the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. The evidence of this ideology was displayed in the untouchable vibe that has stayed firm in the memories of all that participated.

EXPOSE – 2014

Everyone and everything has something unique and special about them. A hidden talent. A character trait. Some form of fortune that serves a very important purpose across the expanses of our majestic planet earth. Sometimes you see it & sometimes you don’t. Perspective is everything! The birth of Camo Chameleon.

PLAY – 2013

Time is relative. Evolution seems at pace….
But in amongst everything, PLAY needs a space! Red Yellow Green Blue. What a blast we had with you! A festival of colour, games, rides, slides and fun activities, enjoyed by youthful splendour lighting up smiles of surprise and spontaneous dances of joy across the festival grounds. What ever fun that you found, everything was made as long as you PLAYED!

DUALITY – 2012

Duality: The attraction of two entities, their destiny to meet. A rare occasion, but one that brings about equality to the finest degree, teleported to a world of freedom and escape. Right time…right place. The birth of something beautiful. Its creation made possible through the magic of duality!

LIFE – 2011

One needs to constantly be reminded to maximise & celebrate our precious life on earth. We did exactly this nestled on the quaint river banks under the blue gum trees of Philadelphia, echoing the sentiments of our progressive outdoor music culture.

GENESIS – 2010

Established in 2010 and hosted at the foot of the Sir Lowreys Pass valley, our brand was launched and clearly distinguished by the replacement of night time dark psy with sexy groovy techno and progressive trance, adding much needed flavour and colour to the night festival experience.