accommodation frequently asked questions

Q: Can I pay half now and half later? It’s been a rough month…
A: No, unfortunately payment must be made in full to secure your accommodation.

Q: Is there a breakage deposit we need to pay in case things get a bit rowdy?
A: Yes, you are required to please pay a small breakage deposit of R250 with the payment for your accommodation. This will be returned to you after the festival, granted everything is left the way you found it.

Q: It’s a mission getting money from all of my mates to pay for our accommodation, can we all pay separately? 
A: Unfortunately one full payment is required per unit from one account. Try to choose the responsible friend in the group to do so!

Q: We have other plans on Friday night and only want to book accommodation for Saturday, can we book for one night and pay half? 
A: Nope. All accommodation is available for a minimum of Friday and Saturday night. (Also, what could possibly be better than being at Equinox?)

Q: How far is the accommodation from the actual event? I don’t like walking far. 
A: There will be zooty tractors/trailers going to and fro, no need to worry.