Terms & Conditions

  • Indemnity

    Your EQUINOX Experience is about your OVERALL experience and not just dancefloor experiences…

    Our festivals might provide rides, slides, activities, games, tree houses, adventure sports (& even walks) we have made available for your entertainment.

    ⚠️ Although due care has been taken to make this event safe and secure for all – Participation is entirely at your own risk. The organisers accept no responsibility whatsoever (even in the case of negligence) for injury, loss or damage to persons, vehicles or belongings.

    Terms & Conditions

    R.O.A.R – Right Of Admission Reserved. All accounts & attendance is at our discretion.

    HOUSE RULES – Party hard & make us proud BUT respect other members and their experience with us! We are a tribe of honest individuals with good intentions. Dishonest/destructive/unlawful people or actions can expect to be removed from the event. EQUINOX Events CC reserves the right to remove or restrict members invite priviledges, or forfeit their attendance to future EQUINOX events.

    AGE RESTRICTION – 21’s and over. However, due to the nature of our invite principle 18-21’s will be allowed ONLY IF invited as a Tier 1’s guest. Strictly NO Under 18’s.

    GAINING ENTRY – Your personal details on your ticket must match exactly as indicated on your identity document. Official identification must be presented at the gate. Any mismatches or unconfirmed identities will be denied access! No Exceptions! NB:

    • Accepted forms of identification are South African ID Book/Card, Passport or official Drivers licence. Unfortunately, all other forms of documentation including Student cards or International Drivers licenses won’t be accepted.
    • Any fraudulent forms of identification will be handled lawfully/accordingly.

    STRICTLY NO – Weapons, contraband, glass bottles, fires, braais, fireworks, flammable substances, independent sound systems, graffiti or bad attitudes!


    FRIDAY / SATURDAY – Only Full Festival tickets will be allowed to BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) but only on Friday & Saturday.


    NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE – You are welcome to stay with us on Sunday night however there a few things to note. 1) You remain at the venue at your own risk. 2) The same rules apply after the event as during the event. 3) The event grounds must be vacated by midday Monday (12h00)

    FIRE POLICY – No independent fires, braais (gas or coal) for the duration of the festival. Accommodation holders may enjoy fires/braais at their respective units but MUST ENSURE they are not left unattended and properly extinguised.

    SMOKING POLICY – Due to the inherent risk of fire and especially being in a pine forest, we urge every attendee to be vigilant about smoking anywhere anytime. Please keep smoking inside the designated smoking areas. Make use of the blue cigarette butt bins or blue trash bins located around the event grounds. Either or, BUTT NOT ON THE FLOOR!

    GREENING – Change the way we think! Reduce, Lessen, Reuse, Recycle. R5 a cup will be charged at the bar with proceeds going towards recycling plastic. Be aware of your Carbon Footprint on a daily basis. Share your ride, not your girlfriend. Learn to like less. Upcycling will make you appreciate more. Imagine all the time and effort you put into yourself only got appreciated once or twice… Change your make up, but don’t change what’s not yours and gracefully clean up behind yourself! There will be no litter to start with – we request the same zero tolerance and mutual greening mindset from our tribe please?

    SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – Support the local community by purchasing your snacks, drinks, and fuel when driving through Ceres. An event like ours has a huge positive impact on everyone in the district hosting us. If you have old clothing, stationery, books, canned or long-lasting food that we could contribute to people less fortunate than us – bring it along and donate at the gate!

    EVENT MEDIA – We reserve the right to capture the event at our own discretion. All photography, videography, interviews, captions or creative content remains the property of EQUINOX Events CC and may be used for the promotion of the event or its affiliates as we see fit.

    COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS – Complimentary Tickets are NON-TRANSFERRABLE and NOT FOR SALE. Complimentaries are a once-off and not counted towards our Tier 1 privilege policy which automatically qualifies atendees for future invites to EQUINOX Events.

    REFUNDS – Due to the nature of our event, unfortunately we have a NO refund policy. If you have purchased a festival ticket and can’t make it for whatever reason, contact us and tell us your predicament. A Ticket Transfer is possible however the person whom you transfer your ticket, needs to be an approved account holder or wait for approval by our Admin.

    It is important to know that whoever receives your transferred ticket will be taking your spot and therefore representing you! Should that person display unsavory behaviour which negatively affects the experience of others at the festival, this could impact your eligibility for future invitations to EQUINOX events.

    UBUNTU – A quality that includes essential human values & virtues; compassion and humanity!
    • Payment made in FULL from one person only (no split payments).
    • Accommodation and Festival tickets are sold separately.
    • You must have a Full Weekend ticket to utilise the accommodation and accommodation areas during the event weekend period.
    • Minimum of 2 night bookings. Friday to Sunday. OR Friday to Monday. (50% discount on Sunday night stay if pre-purchased)
    • Check-In 14:00pm / Check-Out times 11:00am.
    • No refunds, but please notify us should you not be able to make it.
    • 5% deposit of the total cost will be added to the booking, and refunded within 7 days of the event should no breakages occur. It is your responsibility to crosscheck the inventory of your units agains the inventory sheet provided for each unit on arrival.
    • Neither EQUINOX Experience nor Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve will be held responsible or liable for any loss, theft or damage during your stay at the accommodation.
    • If there is anything that we can make your stay more comfortable, please let us know.